What is the beast?


Based out of Seattle Washington, The Beast is a Fully Customized Seattle Seahawks Party Bus. The Beast is a rolling museum for the Hawks and also offers a full Bar, TV's, 10,000watt sound system and Separate Dj Trailer.




The Team


ben .png

Ben Seher - Owner 

Ben is a life long Seattle Seahawks Fan and has always loved to celebrate his team, He decided to create the Beast Bus when the Seahawks won Superbowl 48 and take not only only his tailgating experience but also the fans tailgating experience to the next level. The idea really took off and he is now well known amongst the 12th man nation and has worked with his team to donate thousands of dollars to charities including ben's fund (autism awareness) 

Justin smith - director of marketing

Justin manages all of the beast bus marketing. justin works with all sponsors and vendors for the hawk alley tailgate to continue to make it the go to event before any seahawk home game . chances are if you have been to any seahawks game you have either spoke to justin or heard him shouting sea...!

frazer loveman - digital content manager

Frazer runs all aspects of the digital media for the beast bus. anything from highlight videos to blog posts. He is originally from London so may sound a little funny on the phone. 


News & Updates